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E-hailing bus booking app you share with your community.

What is Kumpool?

Kumpool offers affordable rides everyday. It is your e-hailing bus booking app. Kumpool uses deep learning to combine bookings from passengers within a zone and travel a route based on everyone's pick-up and drop-off stops.

Book a trip for guaranteed seats, economical fares and reliable service.

Why Ride With Kumpool?


Know when your ride is arriving and the route it is taking.


Kumpool stops are at places not well-served by existing bus services. Once accessible only by car, they are now open to all.


Get a guaranteed seat and be driven around in comfort.


Enjoy cheaper rides as costs are shared with your community.

How to book a ride?

1.Download LUGO app

1.Download Kumpool app

2.Connect to Kumpool

2.Click "Book now"

3.Select Pick-Up and Drop-Off Stop and Tap Next

3.Select Pick-up and Drop-off and Tap Next

4.Tap 'Book Now'

4.Tap "Book now"

5.Wait for Your Designated Vehicle to Arrive

5. Wait for Your Designated Vehicle to Arrive

What is the price for each trip?

It is calculated based on the travelling distance and the number of passengers in a single booking. Enjoy a significant reduction in price when you book your ride as a group.

For instance, the fare for travelling from Terminal Setia Indah to Caltex Taman Daya is RM3.00 for 1 passenger, and RM1.95 per passenger for a group of 4, just ensure that you pay the fare with the exact amount.

Our Current Operation Hours

• Daily •

7:30AM - 8:00PM

Areas Where You Can Book Kumpool

Taman Daya . Taman Desa Tebrau . Taman Setia Indah . Bandar Dato Onn . Taman Mount Austin . Taman Austin Heights . Taman Bukit Mutiara/Taman Desa Mutiara . Kangkar Tebrau . Taman Delima

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