FAQ - Kumpool Delivery

1.0 Introduction

A: Kumpool delivery is an on-demand, same day delivery service that allows you to send items such as foods, groceries, documents, parcels, and gifts to your customers, family and friends. Instant or Scheduled delivery options are both available for Kumpool Delivery.

A: Kumpool Delivery offers speedy delivery yet ensuring your items are being delivered safely with competitive pricing.

A: Any business entity or individual that wishes to get their items delivered.

2.0 Operating Hours & Delivery Time

A: We operate 24/7 including public holidays.

*The operating hours are subject to change due to the COVID-19 restriction implemented by the relevant authorities.

A: Yes. Kumpool Delivery operates as usual on weekends and public holidays.

A: The delivery time depend on the distance. The delivery time may also affected by some uncontrollable factors such as bad traffic and weather conditions.

A: Our driver will pick-up the item according to the time slot that you have chosen while making a delivery request. However, pick-up and delivery may not always be on-time during peak hours, heavy traffic and other unforeseeable situations that are beyond our control.

3.0 Booking

A: Follow the steps below to make your first booking:
Step 1 : Visit www.kumpool.com.my
Step 2 : Select "Delivery"
Step 3 : Select "Book Now"
Step 4 : Enter your merchant code
Step 5 : To create a new order, click the "New" button
Step 6 : Select the vehicle type
**You may refer to the guideline below before deciding your vehicle type:
  • Max size: H35 x W35 x L35cm
  • Food
  • Small item
  • Below 15kg
  • Distance within 50km
  • Parcel
  • Big item
  • Fragile item
  • Below 40kg
  • Distance within 50km
Step 7 : Confirm the pick-up location, if it is correct click "Proceed" to the next step.
Note : Change of pick-up location
If you wish to change the pick-up location, you may click the "Change Address" button and select another pick-up location as you wish. However, the delivery fee here will be charged based on the non-member rate.
Step 8 : Key in the drop-off location and click "Next" when you're done
Step 9 : Select the delivery date and time slot (delivery time here refers to the pick-up time). Click "Confirm" once you're done
Select Time Slot
Select Date
Step 10 : Check and ensure the delivery date, delivery time and the pick-up details are accurate.
Step 11 : Key in the recipient's details including name and contact number. Please make sure you have entered the correct recipient's phone number as this might affect overall delivery efficiency.
Note : save as favourite address
You can save the contact as a favourite. The next time you place a new order, you don't have to key in the contact details again.
Step 12 : Confirm the delivery cost. There will be a fixed surcharge of RM2.00 included per delivery for any delivery to/from shopping malls.

You may also leave a delivery note to the delivery person at the "Extra Notes" column. Click "Confirm Order" when you're done.
Step 13 (Final Step) : You will received a message via WhatsApp, it is to indicate that the Kumpool Delivery team has received your order. You may track your order with the provided tracking link from time to time.
Sample of a WhatsApp confirmation message
Additional Information : You can always trace back your order history at the home page.To have a better understanding of all 5 order status, you may refer tot the table below:
Status Remarks
New Order New order that has not yet assigned with a driver
Assigned New order that has been assigned with a driver
Delivering Order in transit
Completed Order that has been fulfilled
Cancelled Order that has been cancelled

A: Yes, you are allowed to cancel your delivery request. However, last minute cancellation can result in penalty. Last minute cancellation fee may apply for delivery/order cancellation made less than 2 hours before the scheduled pick-up time. For on-demand/instant delivery service, cancellation fee applies for delivery/ order cancellation made less than 15 minutes before the scheduled pick-up time.
Unfortunately, we do not support reschedule function at the moment. You will need to cancel the original delivery request and raise a new one with us.

4.0 Coverage Area

A: We are currently expanding our services to a wider areas in Johor Bahru and Klang Valley, please feel free to contact us at +6012 7022616 or +6012 7133244 to check if your area is covered.

A: We covered up to a maximum of 50km delivery distance for car and motorcycle.

5.0 Delivery

A: Yes, we need more information from you in order to serve you better. Click HERE to do a quick registration.

A: The delivery person might have limited access to certain places due to visitor restrictions. For these delivery requests, we will have to seek cooperation from the sender and recipient to get ready at the guardhouse or designated location to pass or receive their items.

A: Yes. Kumpool Delivery does offer on-schedule delivery that allows you to plan your delivery in advance.

A: Currently we are adopting the ePOD (electronic proof of delivery) to minimize the contact between people, our delivery person will take a photo and record it in our system as a Proof of Delivery only when the sender requested.

A: Unfortunately, we are unable to provide two delivery attempts here. In the case of recipient not contactable when our delivery person arrives at the delivery address, your item will be placed at the front gate/door/guardhouse. To avoid such incident, recipient will have to ensure he/she is ready at the designated time and place during the delivery attempt.

A: Do ensure that you are ready to hand over or receive the item when the delivery person is there to pick-up or deliver your items. We reserve the right to cancel the order if the delivery attempt is not successful.

6.0 Vehicle

A: Currently, we are using motorcycle and car for our delivery services.

A: You may refer to the guideline below before deciding your preferred delivery vehicle.
  • Max size: H35 x W35 x L35cm
  • Food
  • Small item
  • Below 15kg
  • Distance within 50km
  • Parcel
  • Big item
  • Fragile item
  • Below 40kg
  • Distance within 50km

7.0 Items

A: Flammable items, animals, or any illegals goods will not be accepted.

A: There is no minimum weight limit here. However, the maximum weight limit is for motorcycle is 15kg and for car is 40kg.

8.0 Contact

A: Please leave your contact details HERE, our sales representative will get in touch with you shortly.

A: Yes, you may consider to join as a ManjaStore merchant. Not only you are able to enjoy a lower delivery rate, it also allows you to grant access to your own online store page to start your online business.

Wish to know more about ManjaStore? Click HERE to leave your name and contact information and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

9.0 Delivery Fares & Payment

A: The sender will have to pay the delivery fee. Sender here refers to the business entity or individual who places a delivery order with Kumpool Delivery.

Users are encouraged to pay the delivery fee through their e-money account. The top-up of the emoney account can be done with a credit/debit card or online banking. Cash payment is acceptable only for some circumstances such as top-up attempt/ online payment failed.

A: The delivery fares are calculated based on the travelling distance between the pick-up point and the drop-off point. To calculate the fares, our pricing algorithm selects the route with the shortest travelling time between the pick-up point and the drop-off point by putting the traffic conditions at that time into consideration. Hence, the same delivery request made at different timings might result in difference in delivery fares and duration.

A: No, the delivery fares are charged based on the delivery distance but not the weight. However, you have to ensure the item is within the weight limitation of 15kg/40kg per delivery depending on the vehicle type you have chosen.

A: For pick-up/delivery by car or van from/to shopping malls, there will be a fixed surcharge of RM2.00 per pick-up/delivery. For multi stop delivery, a fixed surcharge will apply for each additional stop depending on the vehicle used (Motorcycle - RM1.00; Car - RM1.50).

A: No. We do not provide such service.

With RM50 subscription fee per month:
Delivery by Motorcycle
KM Charges
1 RM3.50
2 RM3.50
3 RM3.50
4 RM4.00
5 RM4.00
6 RM4.00
7 RM4.00
8 RM4.50
9 RM5.00
10 RM5.60
11 RM6.30
12 RM6.80
13 RM7.20
14 RM7.60
15 RM8.00
16 RM9.80
17 RM10.50
18 RM11.20
19 RM11.90
20 RM12.60
21 RM13.30
22 RM14.00
23 RM14.70
24 RM15.40
25 RM16.10
26 RM16.80
27 RM17.50
28 RM18.20
29 RM18.90
30 RM19.60
31-50 RM0.65/km
Delivery by Car
KM Charges
1 RM5.50
2 RM5.50
3 RM5.50
4 RM6.00
5 RM6.00
6 RM7.00
7 RM7.00
8 RM7.00
9 RM7.00
10 RM7.00
11 RM9.00
12 RM9.00
13 RM10.00
14 RM11.00
15 RM12.00
16 RM13.00
17 RM14.00
18 RM15.00
19 RM16.00
20 RM17.00
21 RM18.00
22 RM19.00
23 RM20.00
24 RM20.00
25 RM20.00
26 RM23.00
27 RM23.00
28 RM23.00
29 RM23.00
30 RM23.00
31-50 RM0.80/km
Without RM50 subscription fee per month:
Delivery by Motorcycle
KM Charges
1 RM4.50
2 RM4.50
3 RM4.50
4 RM4.80
5 RM5.30
6 RM5.70
7 RM6.20
8 RM6.60
9 RM7.10
10 RM7.50
11 RM8.00
12 RM8.40
13 RM8.90
14 RM9.30
15 RM9.80
16 RM10.30
17 RM11.00
18 RM11.70
19 RM12.40
20 RM13.10
21 RM13.80
22 RM14.50
23 RM15.20
24 RM15.90
25 RM16.60
26 RM17.30
27 RM18.00
28 RM18.70
29 RM19.40
30 RM20.10
31-50 RM0.75/km
Delivery by Car
KM Charges
1 RM7.50
2 RM7.50
3 RM7.50
4 RM7.50
5 RM7.50
6 RM10.50
7 RM10.50
8 RM10.50
9 RM10.50
10 RM10.50
11 RM15.00
12 RM15.00
13 RM15.00
14 RM15.00
15 RM15.00
16 RM18.00
17 RM18.00
18 RM18.00
19 RM18.00
20 RM18.00
21 RM21.00
22 RM21.00
23 RM21.00
24 RM21.00
25 RM21.00
26 RM24.00
27 RM24.00
28 RM24.00
29 RM24.00
30 RM24.00
31-50 RM0.80/km
Delivery by Motorcycle
KM Charges
0-5km RM5.00
>5km RM0.90/km
Delivery by Car
KM Charges
0-5km RM8.00
>5km RM1.15/km

10.0 Compensation

A: At Kumpool Delivery your satisfaction is our top priority. Our delivery team is well trained to handle various types of items and making sure these items are being delivered to the recipient in good condition. However, we understand that anything could have happened when it comes to delivery, and sometimes it is unavoidable.

You may file compensation claim from us if you find that your item is lost/damaged during the delivery process. Click HERE to file your case with the information below provided.

1. Order ID
2. Name of sender
3. Name of recipient
4. Photo of the item (if any)

Investigation will only be done thoroughly once we have all the necessary information.

Claim Window
Damaged Item / Wrong Item
7 days from delivered date
Lost Delivery
7 days from date of item handover to Kumpool Delivery

11.0 Tracking

A: As a sender, you will receive a confirmation message via WhatsApp provided with a tracking link upon placing an order. It is to confirm that we have received your order and allows you to track & trace your item and the delivery status.

For the recipient, he/she will also receive a notification via WhatsApp with a tracking link when our delivery person is on the way to pick up the item. It is to remind the recipient to get ready at the designated place during the delivery attempt.

Lastly, you will receive a new notification via WhatsApp to inform you that the delivery request has been fulfilled.

Just make sure that you have provided us with accurate information about the recipient (name and contact number) while placing your delivery order.

Our tracking system allows both sender and recipient to track their delivery status from time to time.

12.0 Feedback

A: We welcome your feedback and thoughts. Click HERE to tell us more.