Kumpool is a bus pooling service. It works by gathering passengers’ bookings in real-time and then travelling a route based on everyone’s pick-up and drop-off stops.

Kumpool adds more benefits to the regular bus service. You will always know when their bus is arriving and the route it is taking. Kumpool stops are at places not well-served by existing bus services. This cuts down the walking distance between where you are and these stops. Plus, a seat is guaranteed. In a nutshell, Kumpool offers more than a regular bus but costs lesser than a taxi.

  • Download the LUGO App on Google Play or App Store
  • Launch the app and enable location detection
  • Tap ‘+’ icon
  • Connect to Kumpool bot
  • Tap on the Kumpool avatar
  • Tap ‘Ride a Kumpool’

You can book anywhere. However, you should be at your pick-up stop 5-10 minutes before the estimated arrival time of your vehicle.

Kumpool is an on-demand transport service. You should only book when you are about to go on the trip.

The Kumpool fleet consists of vans and minibuses.

The service operates daily from 7.30am to 8.00pm during this trial period.

You can book a ride in Taman Daya, Taman Setia Indah and Kangkar Tebrau only. More places may be added in the future.

Pick-up and drop-off stops are fixed as indicated in the app. You can book anywhere. However, you need to be at your pick-up stops to board your vehicle.

The pick-up stop nearest to your current location will always show at the top of the selection screen. To determine the nearest stop to your destination, place the purple pin on it. The stop that appears at the top of the selection screen is the nearest.

Each passenger is entitled to one seat. As long as it is empty, you can take it.

We are currently unable to accept such requests.

The arrival time shown in the app is an estimate and may vary subject to traffic conditions. You can call our hotline at +607 3602244 should you need any assistance.

As every ride is shared with the community, late-comers will delay the journey for all passengers. Hence, we are not able to wait for any passenger who is late. Please be at your pick-up stop 5-10 minutes before the estimated arrival time of your vehicle. If you miss it, you have to make a new booking.

You must make a booking and scan your ticket to board successfully.

You must cancel your existing booking and make a new one to change your pick-up or drop-off stop.

We seek your cooperation to keep to all bookings. As every ride is shared with the community, every no-show or cancellation will negatively affect the trip of all passengers. We reserve the right to permanently withhold service from any passenger who repeatedly cancels or does not show up.

You must scan your ticket by placing the QR code under the machine when you board your vehicle. This proves that you have used your ticket.

Kumpool works by gathering passengers’ bookings in real-time. It optimizes to include as many passengers as possible travelling in the same direction. This may cause stops to be not in sequence.

No. You are only required to scan the ticket when boarding.

Fares are determined by factors such as the travel distance and the number of passengers traveling in a single booking. The more passengers travelling in the same direction, the lower the fares.

We currently accept cash only. However, we may introduce other payment methods in the future subject to market conditions.

No. We offer one pricing for all passengers.

During the trial period, each passenger will be charged RM0.10 per trip till further notice.

No change is provided.

You may call our hotline at +607-3602244 or email us at feedback@kumpool.com.my

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