About Kumpool

Kumpool started from a vision of serving the community and bring back the "kampung spirit" in our city. Kumpool is derived from the malay word "kumpul", which means to "gather together". We hope that the community will aggregate the efforts and keep the cost low, specifically for on-demand bus pooling and delivery services.​

Kumpool Ride is a e-hailing bus booking service for the community. It works by gathering passengers' bookings in real-time and then travel a route based on everyone's pick-up and drop-off stops. Passengers get to enjoy guaranteed seats and a comfortable ride at affordable fares. Ride with Kumpool here. ​

​Kumpool Delivery provides logistic solutions to meet the needs for businesses. We are able to deliver small packages, food and beverage items and bulky items to your customers at competitive rates. Learn more about Kumpool Delivery here.​

Kumpool is a division of Causeway Link, one of the largest public bus company provider in Johor Bahru.​